Few accessories can cement themselves in history like eyewear.

Audrey Hepburn certainly isn’t remembered in A Breakfast At Tiffany’s for the timepiece she wore. You’ll be forgiven to forget that Harry Potter carried a famous scar on his forehead, but can you imagine the boy who lived without his round spectacles?

That is exactly why you need a pair of ‘eyecessories’. You may not become an international screen icon, but when you post them on Social Media, your followers will instantly know you’re a legend.

Even the Roman emperors made use of glasses, mind you! The polished emerald green gemstones were used royally to watch the gladiators fight, way back in 60 AD. Now, it’s possible that they really just preferred a green tint to their extravaganzas, but it could just be the sun overhead! (This part can be removed if you don’t like it much)

This brings us to the problem. You don’t have to be the ruler of the Roman Empire to own a pair of sunnies that make heads turn. But for something as common and necessary as eyewear, it has come to be shrouded with an artificially constructed exclusivity – taking it out of reach for many.

With improving technologies, the costs should instead go down. The cost of production for a normal mobile phone 20 years ago was more than the cost of production of a smartphone today. The same should be true for eyewear. And that is how, ladies and gentlemen, TOM ARCHER was born, with the dream of making elegant eyewear an ‘achievable aspiration’.Afterall, if eyes are the windows to the soul, their glasses should look pretty dope, but without costing a fortune.

And we kept things simple when we started. We streamlined our operations, and bypassed the conventional channels to make our glasses affordable to consumers. The fewer the middlemen, the lower the costs, right? A complete order given today can get ready by tomorrow – that’s how strong our sourcing is.

The Way Forward

Whether slipping on wayfarers for the summer getaways, or aviators to a race, (F1 or horses, we’ll leave the choice to you), TOM ARCHER will mirror your true self. Marry the right style with the right eyewear, as we make it easy for you with

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